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Sarah Tilley Art

Painting the Wilderness

Swoop Customer

Why does the landscape of wilderness appeal to you? Maybe it is because I live and work in London that I am drawn to the uncompromising remoteness of these wild places. Figures have no place in my paintings. It is the innate immensity of history – and prehistory – embedded in these extraordinary places that... Read More

Ethiopia / Mount FitzRoy / Mustang / Nepal / Patagonia / Photography / Simien Mountains / Torres del Paine / Wilderness / artist / hike / landscape / mountains / painting / trek

Sheltering Hearts, Creating Smiles

Friend of Swoop

While on a trip in the Peruvian Andes, my brothers and I got to experience first hand the harsh reality in which these high Andean communities live in. We decided they had to do something, something that would alleviate this recurring event, the “heladas” (cold winter frost), that takes Read More

Community / Peruvian Andes / Social Enterprise

Nature & Freedom: Guiding in Patagonia

Swoop Local Guide

I ended up landing a job as a mountain trekking guide on Osorno Volcano in the Chilean Lakes then started guiding on Grey Glacier in Torres del Paine. After gathering enough experience, I eventually started to work freelance, hiring my services to different operators in Torres del Paine Read More

Isla Navarino / Patagonia Guide / Puerto Natales / Torres del Paine / Wildlife

An Englishman in Patagonia: Book Review

Swoop Specialist

In ‘An Englishman in Patagonia’, John Pilkington beautifully details his eight-month backpacking trip, south from Santiago, winding his way along the Andes, through the heart of Patagonia to the end of the world in Ushuaia, before heading back up the Argentine coastline. Read More

Argentina / Aysen / Chile / Chiloe Island / Fitz Roy / Punta Arenas / Santiago / Torres del Paine

Polar Page Turners: John’s Recommended Reads

Swoop Specialist

So much of Antarctica literature focuses on the exploration and adventure of the white continent. With Shackleton and Scott dominating the book lists, it’s difficult to find anything written from a different perspective. But Brian Birkenstein has achieved something quite unique. Read More

Antarctica / Books / Penguins / Shackleton / Travel Tips / Wildlife