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Clash of the Titans: Filming Battling Elephant Seals

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Peninsula Valdes: 7542 miles from London, 5389 miles from LA, 623 miles from Buenos Aires. This small rocky outcrop, where the Argentinian Patagonia meets the South Atlantic Ocean, feels a thousand miles from anywhere. There’s only one road on and off the peninsula, and as a national park with only a few scattered settlements, you... Read More

Argentina / Patagonia / Peninsula Valdes / South Atlantic Ocean / Southern Elephant Seals / Wildlife Documentary
Ron Goodlin Photography

Photography with a Purpose

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As a wildlife and nature conservation photographer I have travelled the world to document the effects of climate change and global warming. My travels have taken me from the northernmost reaches of the Arctic, where polar bears are threatened with starvation, to the vast savannahs of the Serengeti, where elephants and rhinos are on the... Read More

Adelie Penguins / Antarctica / Climate Change / Conservation / Danger Islands / Falklands / Global Warming / Penguins / Photography / Research / South Georgia

Birds of Antarctica: The Challenges of Survival

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Penguins are the world’s favourite bird. From cartoons and movies to stuffed toys and books to feeding time queues at the zoo penguin enclosure, everyone seems to be fascinated by these cuddly little creatures that waddle about on the ice like miniature humans. There are 17 species of Penguin Read More

Antarctica / Birds / Climate Change / Falkland Islands / Photography / South Georgia

Close Encounters of the Wildlife Kind

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Our journey provided many vivid memories, such as the morning of our first full day on board. We had sailed through the night from Frei Station on King George Island into the pristine and reflective conditions of Wilhelmina Bay for National Geographic worthy pictures of Antarctic glaciers. Read More

Antarctica / Climate Change / Cyclones / Penguins / Whales / Wildlife

Chloe’s Top 5 Wildlife Experiences

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If you’re a wildlife fanatic like me, the variety of magnificent creatures to be found in Patagonia makes it the ideal place for an outdoor adventure: from the apex predator, the Andean puma, to the gargantuan humpback whale, with a whole plethora of weird and wonderful birds and mammals in between. Read More

Penguins / Whale Watching / Whales / Wilderness / Wildlife