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WindSled: Taking Antarctic research into unexplored territory

Friend of Swoop

Imagine a place so remote that in more than two months’ travelling you don’t see another living creature beyond your companions, not a single bird or animal. You are one of just a tiny number of people to have explored the region, in the midst of an immense frozen desert. For 18 hours a day... Read More

Antarctica / WindSled / scientific research / zero emissions

Clash of the Titans: Filming Battling Elephant Seals

Friend of Swoop

Peninsula Valdes: 7542 miles from London, 5389 miles from LA, 623 miles from Buenos Aires. This small rocky outcrop, where the Argentinian Patagonia meets the South Atlantic Ocean, feels a thousand miles from anywhere. There’s only one road on and off the peninsula, and as a national park with only a few scattered settlements, you... Read More

Argentina / Patagonia / Peninsula Valdes / South Atlantic Ocean / Southern Elephant Seals / Wildlife Documentary

The Art of Suffering

Swoop Specialist

A brief stroll across St James’s Park in London delivers you to Waterloo Place, where you are met by the statues of two tragic Polar figures: John Franklin, Byronic in stature and with an expression of fortitude; and Scott of the Antarctic, dressed in expedition clothes, gazing heroically into the distance. The actual bodies of... Read More

Amundsen / Antarctic / Arctic / Franklin / North Passage / Polar / Scott / Shackleton / South Georgia / South Pole / exploration
Jon Burrough, Riding the Patagonian Frontier

Riding the Patagonian Frontier

Friend of Swoop

My interest and involvement in South America go back a long way. Drawn by its people, its music and the infinite variety of its geography, I travelled extensively to every corner on a shoestring between 1969 and 1973, including several visits to Patagonia. I was fascinated by Patagonia and ate quantities of berries from the... Read More

Argentina / Chile / Patagonia / boundary / frontier / horse / horseback riding / pioneer / settler
Ron Goodlin Photography

Photography with a Purpose

Swoop Customer

As a wildlife and nature conservation photographer I have travelled the world to document the effects of climate change and global warming. My travels have taken me from the northernmost reaches of the Arctic, where polar bears are threatened with starvation, to the vast savannahs of the Serengeti, where elephants and rhinos are on the... Read More

Adelie Penguins / Antarctica / Climate Change / Conservation / Danger Islands / Falklands / Global Warming / Penguins / Photography / Research / South Georgia
Sarah Tilley Art

Painting the Wilderness

Swoop Customer

Why does the landscape of wilderness appeal to you? Maybe it is because I live and work in London that I am drawn to the uncompromising remoteness of these wild places. Figures have no place in my paintings. It is the innate immensity of history – and prehistory – embedded in these extraordinary places that... Read More

Ethiopia / Mount FitzRoy / Mustang / Nepal / Patagonia / Photography / Simien Mountains / Torres del Paine / Wilderness / artist / hike / landscape / mountains / painting / trek
Tempest two Patagonia Snow

A World-First Adventure Triathlon in Patagonia

Friend of Swoop

Patagonia seems to have a mystical aura surrounding it that attracts those wishing to push themselves that little bit further in life. It remains one of the last truly untouched landscapes on our planet, and a place of profound contrasts. Read More

Cycling / Patagonia / adventure racing / stand up paddle board / ultra-run / ultra-triathlon
Penguin Post Office

Postcard from the Penguin Post Office

Swoop Specialist

As you approach the Penguin Post Office at Port Lockroy, located on a tiny island off the Antarctic Peninsula, three days of navigation from Ushuaia, you are greeted by the “roo roo roo” sound of 600 pairs of nesting gentoo penguins. Early in the season, you may have to climb up a snow staircase or later in the season Read More

Antarctica / British Antarctic Territory / Penguins / Port Lockroy